Prior to establishment in 1868, the Town of Clanton was known as the community of "Goose Pond". The community of "Goose Pond" was located in Baker County, Alabama. Between 1868 and 1873, Baker County was renamed to Chilton County and the community of "Goose Pond" became the Town of Clanton. The Town of Clanton was named in honor of General James H. Clanton who served as a brigadier in the Confederate States Army during the Civil War. 

In 1919, Mayor Alfred Baker appointed Mr. John Baker to serve as the Town's first law enforcement officer. Mr. Baker served in the position of  Marshal until 1922. In 1922, the Town of Clanton decided to expand the Marshal’s role and established the Clanton Police Department.  During this time, the Town of Clanton hired it's first Chief of Police. 

Present day, the City of Clanton is the county seat of Chilton County and serves a population of 8,635 with an estimated daytime population of over 12,000. The City of Clanton has a jurisdiction of approximately 30 square miles and over 30,000 people travel through Clanton every day.